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Introduction to R

The workshop will provide an introduction to the statistical software R, which is a flexible and extremely useful statistical toolbox. We will use the user interface Rstudio which provides a nice environment for working with R. The course is aimed at researchers at SCIENCE (incl. PhD students), who need tools for data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization. The course will be practical and provide a mixture of presentations and hands-on exercises, both with focus on data examples and applications.

When and where?

  • The course last took place 21-22 August 2017
  • Next time will probably be in August 2018
  • The second day is optional, and no new material will be presented

Who can participate?

  • The course is intended for people with no or little prior knowledge of R
  • The course is open for PhD students and employees at SCIENCE
  • The course is NOT open for students at Bachelor or Master level, and NOT open for people not associated to the Faculty of Science at UCPH
  • The number of participants is limited

What is going to happen?

  • Lecture-type introductions and overviews of basic functionalities
  • Hands-on exercises 
  • You are also welcome to bring your own data (as xlsx or csv files, say) and work with those if you prefer
  • The first day will consist of presentations as well as exercises. The second day is a follow-up day where you can continue working under guidance, but there will be no presentations

Which topics?

  • Introduction to R and R-studio
  • Import of data into R, data manipulation
  • Graphics in R
  • Basic statistical analyses in R
  • Markdown
  • Possibly work with own data

What to do before the course?

R and RStudio is avaliable for Windows, Mac and Linux

How to register?

  • Look out for a registration form here - in the spring of 2018.


  • If you have questions, then you are most welcome to contact Helle Sørensen from the Laboratory for Applied Statistics (

Course material - from August 2017

Below you find material related to the course. You may want to print the exercise files before the course, to make the workflow easier. 


  • Wickham and Grolemund: R for Data Science. Available online here. Excellent introduction to data work, graphics, R programming.
  • Wickham: ggplot2. About graphics
  • Venables and Ripley: Modern Applied Statistics with S. About statistical analyses with R (don't get confuses about the S)