About the Data Science Laboratory

The Data Science Laboratory (DSL) is hosted by the Department for Mathematical Sciences and the Department for Computer Science, and is one of five data science labs at the University of Copenhagen. The Lab is funded by the Faculty of SCIENCE and the  University of Copenhagen. The Lab was originally started January 1, 2013 as the Laboratory for Applied Statistics. From 2018, the Lab was expanded to include computer science expertise.

The overall aim of the laboratory is to enhance the quality of data analyses in research carried out at SCIENCE. This is promoted by inter-disciplinary collaborations where Data Science researchers are available to all Departments at SCIENCE. In our setting, Data Science includes:

  • Data acquisition (measurements, signals, images, …)
  • Data processing (including design of algorithms and statistical models and large-scale computations)
  • Results analysis (statistically well-founded conclusions)
  • Using HPC resources when relevant
  • Storage and publication of data and results

We aim to further develop and extend cross-disciplinary activities at SCIENCE. This will happen through the following activities:

  • Guidance of students and researchers
  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Collaboration with researchers




Cross-disciplinary publications involving data science, from researchers associated to the lab:


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