Courses and workshops

The laboratory organizes short courses and workshops for researchers (incl. PhD students) at SCIENCE on relevant scientific topics or software.

PhD Courses

The PhD courses are aimed at PhD students from all departments at SCIENCE, UCPH. The focus is to learn to apply Statistics and Machine Learning on a wide variety of data. Post Docs, Master's thesis students, and PhDs from outside SCIENCE may participate, if space permits. 









    Three-stage set-up

  • The Data Science Lab offers workshops/courses in our two focus areas: dedicated Statistics and broader Data/Computer Science. Within each of the areas we offer a triple of workshops/courses. First, a workshop introducing selected tools and methods within the area for students and researchers. Secondly, we have a PhD methods course that presents key concepts and methodologies. Finally, we have a projects PhD course where the PhD students performs supervised research on the own data using the tools and methods from the previous workshops/courses. 

    Particularly for a PhD student,  this could be a three-stage rocket that facilitates cross-disciplinary Data Science research, ideally delivering such a research paper at the end of the projects course.