For students (incl. PhD students)

If you are from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND), then you are kindly referred to the services offered by the Department of Biostatistics.

Students at SCIENCE have the possibility to discuss their analysis problems with a statistician and/or a computer scientist. Often, but not always, the problems are related to the student's BSc or MSc project. PhD students are also welcome. The 20 minutes meetings are meant as a supplement to one's own efforts, and the student carries out the analyses herself/himself after the meetings.

If showing up for consultations does not work for you, please mail your questions/problems to Describe the data, the goal of the analysis, and the specific problem. Include your study line and the name and department of your supervisor in the email. We will then do our best to respond by mail. 

We offer consultations at Nørre Campus on Tuesdays and at Frederiksberg Campus on Fridays, see the schedule below. All SCIENCE students can use both locations. Notice that changes may occur.

  • We offer meetings with researchers from statistics as well as computer science. Currently, the computer science researchers only have consultations on Tuesdays, statisticians both Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • On Tuesdays, the meetings take place in room 04.3.15 at HCØ, Nørre Campus. The room is at 3rd floor in the Math building (building 4), which is one of the side buildings to the long "corridor", around midway in the corridor, away from Nørre Alle.
  • On Fridays, the meetings take place in the "consultancy room" at the library at Frederiksberg Campus
  • Open consultation: If all consultation slots have been booked a given, there are open consultations during the second hour. Please, come as the open consultancy starts, so we can see how many people need meetings and plan the time. That is, show up at 13.00 on Tuesdays and 14.00 om Fridays. We will be leaving when no more students are left, even if the whole hour has not passed. 

Book a consultation or show up for the "open consultancy" and wait in line.

Man Tir Ons Tor Fre
12-13 Book consultation
13-14 Open consultation Book consultation
14-15 Open consultation

Nørre Campus: HCØ, room 04.3.15 in the Math building, 3rd floor (details)
Frederiksberg Campus: "Consultancy room" at the ground floor in the library (details)